Seal within seconds

Windows, doors or wall openings.


The revolution in flood protection
for a safe home.

Water"Sdop" makes it possible! Without... 

  • conversion work
  • assembly work
  • additional fixtures or
  • • other changes.
Water''Sdop'' is straightforward to use and can be used both by the young and the elderly with ease.

The geometry and shape allows the product to adapt itself to the water pressure. Using water ''SdoP'', you can comply with standards which include different window sizes. Thus, it is adaptable and variable within a range of 10 cm in length and 10 cm in width.

water 'SdoP'' Flood Protection is a patented, worldwide new invention certified within Europe for fast, effective protection against water or mud penetration into properties such as houses, garages or buildings of any kind. It can automatically adapt to your knee wall.


Schröcker OG - water "SdoP" Flood protection

Schröcker OG is an Austrian company. Our company is located in Rosenau am Hengstpass, where the idea was born. The project was born in Upper Austria through the participation of Mr Siegfried Schröcker in an ideas competition, where protective measures against environmental disasters were being sought.


  • “PRÄVENTUS" Upper Austria
  • “Nuremberg Inventors' Fair" Gold
  • “120 seconds" contest
  • “Edison" Inventor Award
  • “Business Pro" Upper Austria

After years of development and with the help of Mr. Dominik Schröcker, we are now able to offer people new and innovative protection for their homes.

The product:

Immediate protection when it counts.

Who is our product made for?

For all people who want to protect their property against harmful environmental influences and thunderstorm anomalies such as torrential rain, extreme snowfall with subsequent snowmelt, hail, etc.

The mobile flood protection system can be used by anyone from young to elderly people. It is suitable for all house owners, property management companies, municipal authorities, companies, ... as fire water retention or for those who have established their houses or objects in endangered zones.



Mud, water and dirt stay out!

water 'SdoP'' is taken out of its storage bag, positioned vertically in the wall frame in front of a door or window frame and inflated with air.
You have the option to inflate the product automatically or mechanically. A cartridge, compressor or a bicycle pump can be used (the appropriate components are also available in our shop). Stop when the pressure relief valve makes itself heard. That’s it. You're protected.

On disassembly, the air is simply released again via the valve. Then, everything is washed, removed, dried and stored in the appropriate storage bag until the next time it is needed.

The question asked most frequently by experts

Why is it so difficult to develop a free protection without fixed installations, which can be used as a whole without apparatuses and assembly?

Brief explanation

The window surface of a window with a height and width of 1 m is exposed to approx. 1 ton of water pressure.

It took years of development and research to reach the current state of the art. Thanks to comparing existing products on the market, calculations performed at FH (technical college) level, countless development tests and building prototypes, we have succeeded in adapting these demanding requirements to just one product.

Geometry and form enable the product to adapt itself to the water pressure.



Why prevention for a safe home?

Climate change is progressing unstoppably. Storm anomalies such as heavy rain, extreme snowfall with subsequent melting and hail are the most common consequences.

The result:

The soil is no longer capable of absorbing the masses properly. In addition, there is soil compaction in residential areas, sewer systems, riverbed borders in densely populated areas and dried out soil areas. The water can no longer be drained properly. The tragic effects thereof cause water and mud to penetrate through windows, doors and wall openings inside properties and buildings.



PegelAlarm ist die Smartphone-App, die dich verlässlich warnt sobald ein Gewässer in deiner Nähe einen kritischen Wasserstand erreicht. Dadurch kannst du frühzeitig auf gefährliche Situationen reagieren und vorbeugende Maßnahmen treffen. Die App unterstützt dich beim Festlegen eines Alarms mittels behördlicher Warngrenzen zu Gewässern in Deutschland, Österreich, Großbritannien, Schweiz, Slowenien, Slowakei, Italien und entlang der gesamten Donau.

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Schröcker OG

Dirngrabnerweg 3
4581 Rosenau am Hengstpass


Siegfried Schröcker
+43 (0)664 / 11 400 27

Dominik Schröcker
+43 (0)664 / 50 839 42


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